University Vision

To be a world class university, excellent in academic traditions and exceptional in providing university education, which empowers the graduates to act with professional competence and ethical steadfastness in fulfilling their obligations to the society.

University Mission

The mission of Samuel Adegboyega University Ogwa, Edo State is to provide wholesome and comprehensive education for intellectual and spiritual development of her students in preparation for leadership roles and service to the society.

University Philosophy

The philosophy of Samuel Adegboyega University is to provide broad-based education that will mold the character of young men and women and develop their potentials in their chosen academic and professional disciplines for self-reliance and significant contribution to national development. The University’s philosophy will be driven by its core values

Core Values

  • Accountability – the University holds itself accountable for funds and facilities entrusted to it and for the proper education of the students place under its care.
  • Excellence – promoting highest standards, continuous improvement in provision of services at all levels and celebrating outstanding achievements.
  • Integrity, honesty and truth – ethical steadfastness will be promoted as a normal way of life.
  • Freedom of thought and expression – respect for the dignity of the individual will be valued as a very important ingredient of wholesome academic tradition.
  • Civic responsibility, “customer” focus and compassion – stewardship of environment, commitment to serve humanity, and care for people.
  • Equality – promoting inclusiveness and valuing diversity.
  • Partnership across groups for building common ground – developing dynamic internal association between members of Samuel Adegboyega University Community and building relationship with the local community, NGOs and the private sector.
  • Enterprise and innovation – giving accolade to talent and resourcefulness for new ideas and ways of applying knowledge.